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George Watkins

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I have been making my own hollowing tools for several years now and the basic design and materials hasn't changed in that time. They are an excellent starter set for anyone interested in hollow form tuning and also an essential part of my own hollowing tool collection. They will hollow the majority  of shapes  and sizes to  a maximum of around 10” in depth depending on your individual skill level.

I use silver steel for the shafts and high speed steel with 8% cobalt for the cutting tips.

The tips are glued in with cynoacrylate glue (CA glue) I do this for two reasons: 1. if I use a small grub screw to hold the tips in they tend to clog up and become difficult to remove and 2. If I ever want to change/replace a tip (which I’ve only ever done once!!) All you need to do is heat up the tip with a cigarette lighter whilst holding it in a pair of pliers then twist and pull and it will slide out.

Simply sharpen the tip with a diamond hone to renew the cutting edge and the tips will last a long time. NEVER sharpen them on a grinder.

I sell the tools unhanded so you can either make your own or fit them into a modular handle system. I recommend inserting at least 2” (50 mm) into the handle on all three sizes.

Click on the pictures below to view some of the forms hollowed with these tools.

I have three sizes of hollowing tool available to buy:

The price is for one pair of tools = one straight tool and one angled tool

1/2” diameter shaft-1/4” tip with a possible working depth of around 10” £49.75 for one pair                                           SOLD OUT

3/8” diameter shaft-3/16” tip with a possible working depth of around 6” £39.57 for one pair                                            SOLD OUT

5/16” diameter shaft-1/8” tip with a possible working depth of around 4” £29.75 for one pair                                            SOLD OUT

Hollowing tools

Please note that standard postage is within the UK only - if ordering from outside of the UK please contact me for a postage quote prior to ordering.

Please have a look at my new youtube video of the tools being used.

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